The adjustment begins..

Posted on August 25, 2013

There could not be much more of a life-contrast, to move, after nearly 20 years, from a Victorian semi in a medieval city in England to a modern 9th floor apartment in the middle of Singapore. But that is what we’ve done. And wow, is it hard to adjust! But before you know it, I will be extolling the virtues of urban living (at least, that is what I’m hoping)

The good news so far:

The most beautiful, extensive Botanical Gardens and somewhere that will be a great source for my painting

The discovery of an incredible potter named Iskandar Jalil – more on him later

There are some environmentalists gardens are sprouting up and there’s an awareness of the issues, but how can you ‘eat locally’ in a city where almost everything is imported? My solution: I’m going to try to grow my own (salad and herbs!) on our balcony 

Finally, we live opposite the Music Conservatoire, which runs an extraordinary programme of (free) concerts..

That’s four things to be thankful for, but for now, I yearn for the place below…


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